Five Tricks And Tips In Star Wars Galaxy Of Heroes cheats

Star Wars galaxy of heroes is fast catching up in the gaming community as its one of the most challenging game, but one of the best ways to overcome the obstacles is through Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes cheats. These tips and cheats are the loopholes that can be used in mastering the art of playing this game and the five top tips in this article will help you become the master of the galaxy.

Save your Attacks

Saving your best moves for the final battle is on of the smartest ways to get ahead in this game because you will inflict more damage when you target one more than one enemy. It is best that you use smaller and less efficient attack moves when you are facing less deadly enemies and put your multi-targets for the final light vs. dark side battle. Using these powerful moves at the final battle is a sure way to get ahead in the game of star wars galaxy of heroes.

Check your Daily Activities and Achievements to make the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes cheats even more profitable

The best ways to get more energy, XP, credits, and crystals is to ensure you check the daily activities and challenges that you need to overcome. These challenges include training your characters, rounding up battles, completing your battles and the likes. When you go through each of these difficulties, you will most likely never have little energy all through the duration of your game and have enough for critical challenges.


Check Everyone’s Blue Meter

The blue meter which is every character’s health status and once it is full the character can participate fully in every battle and challenge that is thrown at them. So one of the easiest tip which a lot of players forget is to check their character’s health bar. So ensure that you check this important aspect you can direct your attacks at targets whose enemy health bar is low so you can take them down quickly before they can make any drastic move. In a nutshell, all your attacks should be based on the health bar.

Unlocking Darth Vader

Having Darth Vader on your team is a sure way to increase your chances of survival, and the best way you can have Darth Vader on your team is to achieve and complete all your challenges in order for you to get the 80 shards that are needed to unlock this character. With a single use of the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes cheats you can generate up to 999.999 crystals in seconds.

Get as many Heroes as you can

Equipping your team with as many heroes as you can get is a smart move that will make your adventure a whole lot fun, and if you complete every challenge, you can gain new character shards every 10 minutes. Once you’ve amassed enough, then you can use this to unlock new heros.

The fastest way to get these still is and probably will ever be to use the free resources generated with the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes hack. It is unbelieveable that a single website is able to generate that huge amounts of resources. Few weeks ago I’d never believed that these tool exist, then a friend who also plays the game came to me and showed how he used it and he received all resources after a few minutes. I was shocked that it can be that easy to generate resources with Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes hack and since then I’m constantly using it if I run out of resources. Since that time I have made so much progress I nearly played every mission that’s available but I already unlocked every hero already.

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